Active Transfer Learning with Zero-Shot Priors


The ICCV 2015 paper Active Transfer Learning with Zero-Shot Priors: Reusing Past Datasets for Future Tasks by Efstratios Gavves, Thomas Mensink, Tatiana Tommasi, Cees Snoek and Tinne Tuytelaars is now available. How can we reuse existing knowledge, in the form of available datasets, when solving a new and apparently unrelated target task from a set of unlabeled data? In this work we make a first contribution to answer this question in the context of image classification. We frame this quest as an active learning problem and use zero-shot classifiers to guide the learning process by linking the new task to the existing classifiers. By revisiting the dual formulation of adaptive SVM, we reveal two basic conditions to choose greedily only the most relevant samples to be annotated. On this basis we propose an effective active learning algorithm which learns the best possible target classification model with minimum human labeling effort. Extensive experiments on two challenging datasets show the value of our approach compared to the state-of-the-art active learning methodologies, as well as its potential to reuse past datasets with minimal effort for future tasks.

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