Demo sessions of computer vision systems are ideal venues to disseminate scientific results. Existing demo sessions, however, fail to engage the audience fully. We argue that simultaneous and real-time evaluation of several computer vision systems in a single showcase increases impact. This movie gives an impression of such a showcase, namely the VideOlympics, a competition for video search engines. The major aim of the VideOlympics is promoting research in video retrieval. An additional main goal of the VideOlympics is giving the audience a good perspective on the possibilities and limitations of current state-o f-the-art visual search engines. Where traditional evaluation campaigns like the Pascal Visual Object Classes Challenge and TRECVID focus primarily on the effectiveness of collected retrieval results, the VideOlympics also allows taking into account the influence of interaction mechanisms and the advanced visualizations in the interface. In the end, all scientists go home with a golden retriever award, but the real winner is the audience.

Also playing on: Veoh, YouTube.

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