MM13: Querying for Video Events by Semantic Signatures from Few Examples

query-by-videoThe ACM Multimedia’13 paper on “Querying for Video Events by Semantic Signatures from Few Examples” by Masoud Mazloom, Amirhossein Habibian and Cees Snoek is now available. We aim to query web video for complex events using only a handful of video query examples, where the standard approach learns a ranker from hundreds of examples. We consider a semantic signature representation, consisting of off -the-shelf concept detectors, to capture the variance in semantic appearance of events. Since it is unknown what similarity metric and query fusion to use in such an event retrieval setting, we perform three experiments on unconstrained web videos from the TRECVID event detection task. It reveals that: retrieval with semantic signatures using normalized correlation as similarity metric outperforms a low-level bag-of-words alternative, multiple queries are best combined using late fusion with an average operator, and event retrieval is preferred over event classi cation when less than eight positive video examples are available.

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