Robust Multimedia Learning in Broad Domains

Together with Alex Hauptmann and Jianmin Li I am organizing a workshop at ACM Multimedia 2008 on Robust Multimedia Learning in Broad Domains. The focus of the workshop is on the unique opportunities, challenges, and solutions for robust multimedia learning across different domains. Media-sharing sites like Flickr YouTube, and have brought huge amounts of multimedia resources, reflecting all aspects of social life, with open access to anyone. Such explosions of multimedia data and associated tags provided by amateur-consumers, bring new opportunities for researchers to deepen our already acquired understanding, which, so far, has been restricted to specific domains including sport video, news video and natural images. The proposed workshop strives to broaden our understanding in this emerging area, with an ultimate aim to make unstructured multimedia data from broad domains accessible, reusable, searchable, and manageable. We welcome submissions on this exciting topic, please see the CfP for further details.

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