Searching Informative Concept Banks for Video Event Detection

The ICMR2013 paper ‘Searching Informative Concept Banks for Video Event Detection’ by Masoud Mazloom, Efstratios Gavves, Koen van de Sande and Cees Snoek is now available.¬†An emerging trend in video event detection is to learn an event from a bank of concept detector scores. Different from existing work, which simply relies on a bank containing all available detectors, we propose in this paper an algorithm that learns from examples what concepts in a bank are most informative per event. We model finding this bank of informative concepts out of a large set of concept detectors as a rare event search. Our proposed approximate solution finds the optimal concept bank using a cross-entropy optimization. We study the behavior of video event detection based on a bank of informative concepts by performing three experiments on more than 1,000 hours of arbitrary internet video from the TRECVID multimedia event detection task. Starting from a concept bank of 1,346 detectors we show that 1.) some concept banks are more informative than others for specific events, 2.) event detection using an automatically obtained informative concept bank is more robust than using all available concepts, 3.) even for small amounts of training examples an informative concept bank outperforms a full bank and a bag-of-word event representation, and 4.) we show qualitatively that the informative concept banks make sense for the events of interest, without being programmed to do so. We conclude that for concept banks it pays to be informative.

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