The ICMR2012 paper Fusing Concept Detection and Geo Context for Visual Search by Xirong Li, Cees Snoek, Marcel Worring and Arnold Smeulders is now available. Given the proliferation of geo-tagged images, the question of how to exploit geo tags and the underlying geo context for visual search is emerging. Based on the observation that the importance of geo context varies over concepts, we propose a concept-based image search engine which fuses visual concept detection and geo context in a concept-dependent manner. Compared to individual content-based and geo-based concept detectors and their uniform combination, concept-dependent fusion shows improvements. Moreover, since the proposed search engine is trained on social-tagged images alone without the need of human interaction, it is flexible to cope with many concepts. Search experiments on 101 popular visual concepts justify the viability of the proposed solution. In particular, for 79 out of the 101 concepts, the learned weights yield improvements over the uniform weights, with a relative gain of at least 5% in terms of average precision.

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