The ICCV 2023 paper Detecting Objects with Graph Priors and Graph Refinement by Aritra Bhowmik, Martin R Oswald, Yu Wang, Nora Baka, Cees G M Snoek is now available. The goal of this paper is to detect objects by exploiting their interrelationships. Rather than relying on predefined and labeled graph structures, we infer a graph prior from object co-occurrence statistics. The key idea of our paper is to model object relations as a function of initial class predictions and co-occurrence priors to generate a graph representation of an image for improved classification and bounding box regression. We additionally learn the object-relation joint distribution via energy based modeling. Sampling from this distribution generates a refined graph representation of the image which in turn produces improved detection performance. Experiments on the Visual Genome and MS-COCO datasets demonstrate our method is detector agnostic, end-to-end trainable, and especially beneficial for rare object classes. What is more, we establish a consistent improvement over object detectors like DETR and Faster-RCNN, as well as state-of-the-art methods modeling object interrelationships.

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