The ICCV 2023 paper Self-Ordering Point Clouds by Pengwan Yang, Cees G M Snoek, and Yuki M Asano is now available. In this paper we address the task of finding representative subsets of points in a 3D point cloud by means of a point-wise ordering. Only a few works have tried to address this challenging vision problem, all with the help of hard to obtain point and cloud labels. Different from these works, we introduce the task of point-wise ordering in 3D point clouds through self-supervision, which we call self-ordering. We further contribute the first end-to-end trainable network that learns a point-wise ordering in a self-supervised fashion. It utilizes a novel differentiable point scoring-sorting strategy and it constructs an hierarchical contrastive scheme to obtain self-supervision signals. We extensively ablate the method and show its scalability and superior performance even compared to supervised ordering methods on multiple datasets and tasks including zero-shot ordering of point clouds from unseen categories.

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